Lifestyle Quest #10 – Anomaly

In Kickstart by Eric Griffith

An “anomaly” is: a deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule; a person who is unusual; something that is different, abnormal, peculiar or not easily classified within a scientific aspect; outside the norm, inconsistency, irregularity, or abnormal. Any structure, function, or state outside the usual range of variation from the norm.

Are you an anomaly or do you fit in with the rest of the crowd? Are you a person who conveniently assimilates or remains authentic?

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Think about the people you admire most.  You would probably say that they are special – that they are not like everyone else.  They are anomalies. So are our celebrities, leaders, rock stars, and sports heros.  I would argue that everyone we look up to and admire is an anomaly.

It’s a challenge at times to be an anomaly, naturally. You want to be yourself but you also want a fit in.  Most of us want to fit in way more than we even realize.  We buy brands that everyone else says are great and tell ourselves it is because the quality is so awesome. However, deep down we are really motivated by our strong desire to be accepted or even admired.  But didn’t we already establish that the people we admire are not really people that fit in – they are people that stand out. Being an anomaly is NOT adjusting to the status quo, it’s the leader who causes positive change by breaking the mold.

We have already been thinking about our visions and goals.  Now I want you to examine your values, gifts, and talents and write them down.

What makes you authentic?

What are your values and beliefs?

Why are you different?

How do you stand out?