CrossFit Brigade Gym Chattanooga Personal group training

Lifestyle Quest #11 – Unplug

In Kickstart by Eric Griffith

CrossFit Brigade Gym Chattanooga Personal group training

Simple Instructions:

  • Today, eat every meal without technology.

  • Unplug from everything: phones, television, laptops, tablets—everything.

  • Be conscious of your choice to be technology-free. Don’t simply count a random interval when you weren’t engaged with tech.

Why is this practice important?

Technology is a good thing. It can make us more productive, enabling and enhancing human connection.

At the same time, too much technology (especially in the form of phone and computer engagement) can lead to unproductive or stressful behavior: surfing social media endlessly, checking work communications outside of work hours, watching video for the sake of being busy, forgetting to engage with people around us.

Removing technology from our lives for just the short time we take to eat is a good reminder that we don’t need it to engage with the world—it is merely another tool at our disposal. We could equally spend that time interacting with others in any activity that keeps us present and grounded.