Wed: Weightlifting Wednesday (mostly..again)

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**Box Update and PSA**

1. IT’S GAMES WEEK!! Be sure to check the Members’ page for the details for our Viewing Parties this weekend!

2. Participate in the CrossFit Games Brigade Pick ‘Em. There’s CASH MONEY on the line. See the “pinned post” on the Members’ Page for details.

3. Please check out the Lost and Found. Our collection has grown to 2 bins and an array of water bottles. A Goodwill donation will be made soon, so be sure to grab your items if you want to keep them.

4. Please continue to be diligent in cleaning everything as well as putting things back where they belong. This includes bars, weights, clamps, boxes, J-hooks, etc. This helps everything move so much more smoothly throughout the day.

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BB Warmup for Posterior Chain (No Measure)

2 Rounds:

5 Slow RDLs

5 Good Mornings (sub band if bar is too heavy)

3 Single Leg RDLs (each side)

5 Kang Squats (Good Morning into Back Squat into a Good Morning then stand up)


Teaching/refresher on clean positions and technique. Also, cover movements of complex with empty bar.


Clean Pull + Hang Power Clean + Power Clean (1EMOM5)

1st rep from the floor. Without dropping, the 2nd rep is completed from the hang (low or high). The 3rd rep is taken from the floor.

Athlete is allowed to drop after the hang power clean portion. However, the reset must be quick (<10 seconds)
Find day’s heavy complex in 5 sets.


Power Play (CFNE) (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Ascending Ladder for 7 Minutes:

1 Power Clean (135/95), 30 Double Unders

2 Power Cleans (135/95), 30 Double Unders

3 Power Cleans (135/95), 30 Double Unders

Add (1) Power Clean per round.

Rx – 135/95

Rx+ – 165/110
Score is number of COMPLETED rounds + any additional reps.


Coach’s choice:

Focus on Lats and Scap. Also, mobilize the posterior (ie. low back, glutes, hammies, etc)