Thu: Strongfit

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CrossFit Brigade – CrossFit

Saturday Events:

CrossFit for the Fallen (9am – 12pm) – Sign up sheet below.

Lissa’s Going Away Party (8pm @ Griffith’s)


Coach’s Choice

Strength & Skill MashUp

Single Arm Dumbbell + Overhead Squat (2×10 (max weight) w/ 1:00 rest)

1-arm press followed by an 1-arm overhead squat. (This constitutes 1 rep)
Record heaviest weight. If weights differ between arms, put weights in comments.


Consider splitting classes while some perform Rope Pulls/Sandbag Carry and others perform Bent Over Rows/Ab Rollouts

Bent Over Row + Ab Rollout (5 sets (10-15 minutes))

Pronated Grip. Max Weight for 5 reps while maintaining good form.

Straight into…

5 Ab Rollouts. If you’re able to complete 5 reps, add weight to shoulders.

5+5 = 1 set
If you can’t perform ab rollouts, perform planks (possibly weighted)

Record heaviest Bent Over Row set of 5.

100′ Rope Sled Pull + 100′ Sandbag Carry (Weight)

3 Sets

Rest as needed after Sandbag Carry.

Rope Pull is hand-over-hand…NOT heaving technique.

Both weights should be heavy.

Record weight of sled. Put weight of Sandbag in Comments.
100′ is approximately the entire outdoor area from the Wooden Gate Door to the Concrete Wall by the outdoor rig.

Cash Out

,: 3 Minute Assault Bike (Calories)

Max Cals in 3 minutes


Foam roll lats, low back, glutes, and hammies.

Open up T Spine using foam roller or wall ball in preparation for Friday’s workout.