Fri: Long Gone (CFNE)

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CrossFit Brigade – CrossFit

Upcoming December Events:

12/9 – Naughty or Nice Toy Drive
12/16 – Brigade Christmas Cocktail Party
12/23 – 12 Days of Christmas WOD



Rolling V Sits & Glute Bridges

Iron Crosses & Scorpions

Arm Circles & Hi Jack/Hi Jills

Cherrypickers & Leg Swings

Hawaiian Squats & Lat Activations

Towel Twists

2 Rounds:

Row/Bike for 1:00

5 Push Ups

5 Sandbag Squats

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Back Extensions

20 Walking Lunge Steps


Long Gone (CFNE) (5 Rounds for reps)

5 Rounds for Reps:

AMRAP 1:00 at each station:

Wallballs (20/14)

DB Snatch (50/35)

Calorie Bike

Rest 1:00 between rounds
If you can’t bike due to logistics, the Rower is still Rx.

Score is total reps. Wodify is set up to record reps of each round. Therefore, you will enter 5 scores, and Wodify will total it for you.


Smash the scap and shoulders


Spend A TON of time on your lower half

Foam roll and/or smash the quads and hammies


Hold Couch and Pigeon for 1 minute each