Tue: Black and Blue

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Upcoming December Events:

12/9 – Naughty or Nice Toy Drive Event from 9am – 11am. Sign up for a heat, bring an unwrapped toy (not required), and wod with us. See FB event page for more info.

12/16 – Brigade Cocktail Christmas Party. Food/Dessert/ sign up sheet is posted. Sign up, bring a dish, and let’s hang out in normal clothes. 7pm at the Murchison’s. See FB event page for more info.

12/23 – 12 Days of Christmas Wod. If you’ve never done it, you gotta do it. If you’ve done it, do it again!


Colby’s Back Circuit (No Measure)

3 Rounds:

5 Jefferson Curls

5 Back Extensions + 10 Hip Extensions

5 Tempo Sandbag Bear Hug Squats (3/2/0)


Black & Blue (Bergeron) (Time)

5 Rounds:

10 Power Cleans (135/95#)

10 Burpees
Regular burpees. These are not over the bar.

Cash Out

3 Giant Sets (complete 1 movement after the other circuit style, rest as needed):

1) Single Arm Bell Up KB 90 Degree Hold – 3x walk down, switch, and back

2) Bulgarian Split Squats (w/ KB or DB) – 3×8 each leg

3) Seated Z Press (w/ KB or DB) – 3×8

4) Cossack Squat (weighted w/ KBs or DBs if able) – 3×5 each leg


Smash the scap, shoulders, and pecs with a lacrosse ball from the burpees, pull, and cash out.

Foam roll the quads, hammies and low back from the pulling and cash out.