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CrossFit Brigade – CrossFit

Together We Rise Nutrition Challenge starts 1/8/18.
3 Options:
Whole 30



Iron Crosses & Glute Bridges

Rolling V Sits & Scorpions

Scap Push Ups & Forward Samson Lunges (w/ side leans)

Cherrypickers & Side Lunges

Bulldog Hip Opener Circuit

Arm Circles & Up/Back/Overs


Shoulder External Rotator Off the Knee

Cuban Press

Landmine Bar Rotation


The CrossFit Total (Total Weight)

You get 3 attempts at your max attempt. NO MORE!

Pair or group up to make it more fun!

Cash Out

Optional Cash Out for non-nutrition participants.

If you’re participating in the Nutrition Challenge, you have from Friday to Monday to do this workout for your Performance Baseline Score for the challenge.

100 Burpees for Time (Time)

Start from standing position, when the clock starts, lower to the floor touching chest & hips to the ground, then get back up performing a jump while clapping hands overhead.

Both feet must be off the ground when the hands go overhead & you must get extension in your hips (get your body vertical) & not be hunched over during the jumps. That equals one rep. You will perform 100 & the time of completion is your score.





Straddle Against the Wall

Smash the pecs, shoulders, and foam roll low back if you did the Burpee workout.