Thu: Onesies (CFNE)

In Latest WOD by Eric Griffith

CrossFit Brigade – CrossFit


Coach’s Choice

Strength & Skill MashUp

Athletes Choose 1 From Each Section:

– Weightlifting

– Gymnastics

– Conditioning


Deadlift (Heavy single)

Back Squat (Heavy single)

Bench Press (Heavy single)


Strict Pullups (Max Effort)

Weighted Pullup (Max weight for 1)

Muscle-ups (Max set (ring or bar))

Handstand Push-ups (STRICT – Max set)


1 Minute Assault Bike Test (Calories)

500m Row (Time)

Max Effort 500m Row

100 Burpees for Time (Time)

Start from standing position, when the clock starts, lower to the floor touching chest & hips to the ground, then get back up performing a jump while clapping hands overhead.

Both feet must be off the ground when the hands go overhead & you must get extension in your hips (get your body vertical) & not be hunched over during the jumps. That equals one rep. You will perform 100 & the time of completion is your score.
Mandatory for all Nutrition Challenge participants.


Depending on what choices you made…be a smart athlete and foam roll taxed areas. For example, deadlifters – foam roll low back, glutes, and hamstrings.