Mon: Elizabeth

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Iron Crosses & Glute Bridges

Rolling V Sits & Hollow Rocks

Scorpions & Back Extensions

Puppy Dog Pose & Scap Push Ups

Push Ups & Mtn. Climbers

Cherrypickers & Side Lunges

Arm Circles & Overhead Tricep Stretch w/ Side Bend

Hi Jack/Hi Jills & Single Arm Pec Stretch using Rig


Spend 7-ish minutes discussing & practicing Ring Dip technique (ie. hand placement, shoulder rotation, kip vs strict vs butterfly).

Scale Options would be: Matador (banded), Box/Bench Dips, Push Ups

Warm-up (No Measure)

BB Warm Up:

5 RDLs

5 Good Mornings

3 High Hang Shrugs

3 Low Hang High Pulls

3 Power Cleans from Mid Shin

3 Strict Press


Warm Up to working weight on bar.

Use mini round/s to warm up combo of movements for wod.

Elizabeth (Time)


Clean, 135# / 95#

Ring Dips

Petite Elizabeth (Time)


Power Cleans 95/65#



Foam roll the quads, low back, and hamstrings.

Use lax ball to smash your forearms, shoulders, pec, & triceps

Use bands to open up shoulder/pec with distraction stretches from rig