Thu: Gymnastics Practice, AEMOM, & Beach Body Ready

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AEMOM10: (only work for :30 max)

Odd: Handstand Practice/Progressions

Even: Jump Rope Practice/Progressions

Handstand Drills – Tripod drills, Pike Push-ups/holds, Box HSPU/holds, HSPU or holds, HS Walking, etc.

Jump Rope Drills – Single Unders, Single Double Single, Double Unders, Triple Unders, elbow placement drills, wrist timing drills, etc.


AEMOM16 (4 Rounds):

Minute 1 – 15/12 Cal Row

Minute 2 – 6 Power Cleans 155/105

Minute 3 – 40 Double Unders

Minute 4 – 10 HSPU

Record any notes in the COMMENT section for the Power Clean entry.

Power Clean (AEMOM)

Cash Out


3 Giant Sets

10 Alternating DB Curls

15 Banded Tricep Extensions

10 Barbell Rows (moderate to heavy)

15 Hollow Rocks

:30 Superman Hold