August 2023

Meet Coach Emily Daugherty

In graduate school, I realized how much I missed the comradery and accountability that existed in the team sports in which I had grown accustomed to participating. This is when I found CrossFit! I started competing in local competitions in 2015 and made drastic improvements in my skill level over the next few years. I was hooked! I was blessed to reach a level of fitness that allowed me to compete as an individual at the Mid Atlantic Crossfit Competition in 2019. That same year I completed my longest open water swimming race, “The Swim Around Key West”, a 13 mile circumnavigation of the island of Key West, FL. I guess you could say I have a passion for fitness!

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Why Fitness Thrives in Communities: The Science Unveiled

Within a gym community, encouragement becomes a collective force that can transcend personal limitations. When people unite under a common fitness objective, they create a motivational ripple effect. The achievements of one inspire others, creating an environment where the success of an individual is celebrated as a victory for the entire gym.

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The Ultimate Fitness Hack: Boost Results Through Community Connection

Numerous studies have shown that having a strong support system and a sense of community significantly enhances adherence to a fitness routine and overall well-being. The accountability, encouragement, and shared experiences found within our community can be the driving force that propels you to reach heights you never thought possible.

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Do these 4 things after your workout.

Regardless of your goals at the gym, it is important to understand that the favorable adaptation you are looking for isn’t happening while you work out. The magic happens in between workouts while you recover.

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