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I picked the best possible place to resume my fitness journey. The coaches ensured I didn't overdo things at first, and they helped me perfect my form so that I did things properly once I could go full speed. They are omnipresent during workouts pushing me to do my best without risking injury; they are quick to provide modifications to workouts in the event I am not capable of doing a particular movement. The provided nutrition guidance has enabled me to maximize my gains and improve my health in multiple ways...The community is exceptional--everyone is friendly and supportive of each other regardless their level of ability.

David Reisman

This gym has really personable members and coaches. The schedule is really great you can go anytime of day pretty much and have a structured class. You feel comfortable as a beginner just as much as you do as being someone that's been in CrossFit for a long time.

Cristina Garvie

It is Friday night at 11:01pm and I am writing a review about CF Brigade because that is how wonderful my experience has been! Loving, kind owners, and the coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging, accommodating, and fun. The facility is clean, spacious, and well-equipped. You will feel better after you spend time here, I promise.

Amy Vandevoorde

This place changed my life! I have lost weight, developed muscle and strength I never thought was possible, learned the important of healthy steady nutrition, gained confidence, and have made several supportive friends! The coaches are awesome and can help modify and scale every movement, truly for all fitness levels.

Sabrina Anderson