Repair + Recovery: SEMINAR Aug 13th

Many of you know I have been struggling with neck and shoulder pain for months. I recently started working with Dr. Polivka, she has been AMAZING! After two treatments I am virtually pain free. Of course I still go to Dr. Jay for my regular adjustments however, Dr Lauren incorporates mobility work, trigger point therapy (DRY NEEDLE) and Gua sha. (Chinese medical treatment). I asked Lauren to do a seminar for us this summer, she agreed. My goal for everyone this summer is to get you moving better and pain free…it’s time to look good and feel good!

Here is some details about the seminar. I will be running a raffle this summer for some free tickets to this event stay tuned.

This seminar is targeted at all athletes and coaches who desire to develop a better pre­workout regimen. Over 3 hours, participants will understand the first 3 principles of the Repair + Recovery Methodology. These topics are called “Dynamic Functional Mobility”, “Proximal Stability for Distal Mobility”, and the “Joint By Joint Approach”.
Two hours of the seminar are learn-­by-­doing, when participants will become experts in our top 10 exercises and movements.

Expectations are that athletes will use this program at the gym and be able to integrate it outside of the class training session and also on recovery days. Dr. Polivka