The Committed Club: A Badge of Dedication

Understanding the importance of consistency in our fitness journey, we are launching the “Committed Club”: a monthly recognition for our dedicated members who are truly committed to their fitness and well-being. If you attend 16 or more classes in a month, not only will you be recognized for your dedication, but you will also receive a special “Committed Club” sticker of the month. And that’s not all! Each member of the club will be entered into a drawing for a special prize, generously provided by our monthly sponsor. It’s our way of celebrating your discipline and dedication.

October Sponsor: Feathers and Fruit

This Week: 

Let’s delve deeper into the roles motivation, discipline, and consistency play in our fitness journey.

The Spark of Motivation

We’ve all felt it, haven’t we? That sudden surge of excitement and enthusiasm to start something new. Maybe it was joining Brigade, starting a nutrition challenge like KickStart, or any goal, motivation is that wonderful spark that gets the wheels turning. It’s essential for “kick-starting” any new habit and ignites the initial push. 

The Power of Discipline

However, as we all know, motivation can be fleeting. The initial enthusiasm wanes, especially when we face challenges or when the novelty of our new habit wears off. This is where discipline comes into play. Discipline is the force that keeps you going even when motivation dwindles. It’s the conscious decision to stick with a healthy habit even on days when you might not feel like it. It’s about making commitments rather than excuses. Discipline is, without a doubt, the more powerful component in sustaining long-term change.

Consistency: The Real Key

Even with motivation to start and discipline to continue, the true magic happens with consistency. Imagine planting a seed: Motivation is what makes you plant it, discipline ensures you water it even when you don’t see immediate results, but consistency ensures that you keep watering it day after day, making sure it grows strong and healthy. In your health journey, consistency is what brings about real transformation and solidifies new habits. Over time, the actions you take consistently shape who you are and the results you achieve.

Creating a Trio of Success

While all three—motivation, discipline, and consistency—are distinct, they’re interconnected. Motivation sets the direction, discipline powers the journey, and consistency ensures you reach your destination. Being a part of our community and now with the opportunity to join the “Committed Club”, you’re in a fantastic position to harness the power of motivation, discipline, and consistency. Embrace the journey, earn those stickers, and aim for the special prize!


Our 2023 Nutrition Challenge Begins soon!

28 Day Nutrition Challenge

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KickStart will help you:

  1. Set Clear Goals: Knowing your ‘why’ can be a strong reminder on days when motivation is low.
  2. Break Tasks into Manageable Steps: Instead of thinking about a complete nutrition overhaul, we will focus on just starting with small simple habits.
  3. Create a Routine: Our brains love habits. By creating a routine, you lower the mental resistance to starting.
  4. Seek Accountability: With KickStart, you will have our coaches and your gym family to check in with and boost your commitment.
  5. Celebrate Small Wins: Every step forward, no matter how small, is progress. Celebrate it! KickStart will have weekly prize giveaways centered around consistency rather than results.

Wishing you strength, perseverance, and consistent commitment,

Team Brigade