Why Crossfit brigade will work for you

We are all about results. CrossFit training methodologies work better and faster than any other fitness program – PERIOD.


The fitness experience you will find at CrossFit Brigade is second to none. Gain amazing confidence as you get in shape and have a ton of fun. We offer a comprehensive plan designed to get you leaner and stronger. All you need to do is show up.


You’ll no longer have to scour the Internet trying to figure out the tricks and tips of getting stronger and leaner. You’ll learn exactly how to perform a movement safely and correctly to achieve maximum results. Our professional trainers ensure each athlete receives unprecedented instruction.


You know that kid that everyone wanted to be picked for their team? Imagine having a whole team of players like that. Our athletes are just as motivated to succeed as you are. Feeding off the energy of the group, you can push yourself harder and achieve much greater results.

Get your beach body ready in 6 weeks!
You don’t need to be in good shape to start. Our program is designed to help anyone look better and feel awesome!
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