Eric B.

Brigade Athlete
CrossFit Brigade has taught me how to train and eat in ways that are sustainable for life. The Brigade offers great support and the owners Eric and Emily have always been available when I had questions. The coaches are always quick to respond with advice when I have needed it outside the box. One of the first things I ever read about CrossFit is how once you find a box they become family and your biggest supporters.  CrossFit Brigade displays that value and many others daily. I am proud to be a part of the Brigade. I feel very fortunate to be a part of an awesome box. I have said before, if every box was like the Brigade, there would be much less negativity around the sport of CrossFit.

I love CrossFit and in my opinion CrossFit Brigade is the best box I could be a member of.  CrossFit Brigade is a special place. I know all boxes are not the same.  I have had the privilege of training under most of the Brigade coaches. It is very clear their main goal is give athletes the best, safest, most effective training possible. Period.

I know now that CrossFit is not designed just for the elite athletes and the fittest people. CrossFit makes those people. Brigade coaches are experts in scaling movements to fit the needs of everyone’s fitness level. This is probably one of the things that impresses me about the Brigade the most. Very knowledgeable and accessible coaches who coach everyone to do their best! They all encourage and cheer you on by name. To me, that is pretty powerful motivation. It really pumps you up when you hear YOUR name followed by “ GET IT” or “YOU’RE KILLING IT”. Sounds simple, but it means a lot for the coaches to be engaged and a part of the WOD.

I go to CrossFit Brigade to continue my journey to being well.  The training and the nutrition information I get from the Brigade are a huge part of my journey.  My goal is to be healthy. Not just being a healthy weight according to medical standards. No.  I don’t want be sick. I want to feel good. I want to be well. I want to be strong and fit.   That is my “why”. The training I do 3 days a week carries over in my everyday life outside of the Brigade. I have always been one who can go on a diet and lose 20 or even 40 pounds. I have taken pills, restricted calories, lived on “fat free” foods, pretty much anything to lose weight. But,  I never knew what to do when the weight was off. I never tried anything sustainable for life.